This Spring, Gradschoolmatch collaborated with Masters of Marketing students at the University of Alabama to compete in the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

The Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) allows students at both the undergraduate and graduate level to work on a Google AdWords campaign for a live client. Over the past 8 years, over 100,000 students have competed in the GOMC to execute online marketing campaigns for clients around the world.

Each team competing in the GOMC is allocated a $250 budget to spend on their Google AdWords campaign over a span of 3 weeks. Teams are required to submit documentation throughout the challenge, including specific details on how they ran their campaign using keywords and ads to drive results for their client. At the end of the challenge, the top team globally, as well as 4 regional teams, are invited to Google Headquarters to meet with Googlers from the AdWords and Marketing teams.

[![UA Masters students listening to an AdWords presentation by local company Randall-Reilly](](
UA Masters students listening to an AdWords presentation by PPC experts from Tuscaloosa-based Randall-Reilly
Gradschoolmatch connected with the University of Alabama Masters of Marketing program through Susan Fant, Instructor of Digital Marketing and Social Media. Each semester in her Advanced Digital and Social Media Marketing course, Professor Fant tasks Masters students with working with a client to complete the GOMC and gain experience using Google AdWords.

The Gradschoolmatch GOMC team included Masters students Amber Bara, Quintin Howze, Raphaela Petermann, Shweta Gamble, and Siddik Bozkurt. Collectively, the team has amassed over 40 years of diverse prior experience, ranging from brand management to marketing research, contributing to the overall success of their GOMC campaign.

After working with Brian and TJ at Gradschoolmatch on the challenge, the team finished with a Strong designation, ranking them amongst the top 10% of over 1,500 competitors internationally.

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Gradschoolmatch GOMC team members on the quad at the University of Alabama
Amber Bara, team lead for the Gradschoolmatch GOMC team, had a lot of great feedback on working with Gradschoolmatch on the challenge.

“We could not have found a better client.  Brian and TJ were quick to answer emails and were always happy to offer advice,” Amber said. “Gradschoolmatch has an awesome offering, for both potential students and universities, so we knew our efforts could really make an impact across the board and that was very exciting.”

Thanks to Professor Susan Fant, as well as the 5 members of the Gradschoolmatch Google Online Marketing Challenge Team, for their contributions!

Click here for a list of all the 2015 Google Online Marketing Challenge winners, as well as more information on the GOMC.