I'm very pleased to announce that Gradschoolmatch has launched a major application upgrade. Although almost everything in the prior version is touched, the major thrust of the new upgrade is to help students make the right grad school choices.

We arrived at this after spending a few years listening to the problems students face applying to grad school, identifying the two big issues we felt we could help them with.

First, applying to one grad school program is a very large task. Applying to several can be overwhelming.

Hub is our solution for this. Hub is an organizational tool for students to manage the application process. Hub is used throughout their life-cycle, from finding programs, to researching them, and then for making the final decision on which admission offer to accept.

Prep is our solution for the second big problem students face, which is learning how to apply to graduate school.

Prep is a suite of tools that guide students through the long process of evaluating themselves and their various program options. Prep, in a word, helps students become more knowledgeable consumers of the graduate school marketplace.

Several years ago I told my co-founder Brian Clark about an idea for an app that would help the best graduate programs recruit students, while teaching those same students how to be more competitive. Today is a big step in making that happen.

It has been a true privilege collaborating on this project with the dream team of Brian, Jared Welch and Camila España.  We're also very grateful to the good folks at the Switchyards Downtown Club in Atlanta, including Bhargava Chiluveru of Chilcreative, Scott Fuller of Studio Temporary, and Alan Pledger and the Landing Lion.