US masters and doctoral degrees, 2013

Most people are surprised to learn just how many graduate degrees are awarded each year. The simplest way to remember it is that for every 2 undergraduate degrees earned, another 1 graduate degree is awarded by US colleges and universities.  And there are a bit over 4 masters degrees produced for every doctorate.

Then things get pretty complicated.  Students attend graduate programs to specialize in a given field at a depth that undergraduate programs can’t really deliver.  Collectively, they specialize in a LOT of areas.  Thousands of academic fields.

We’ve been messing around with ways to visualize the great diaspora of students into this incredibly diverse and rich landscape of graduate academic programming.  Here it is.  The size of the circles reflects the number of degrees awarded, in 2012, in that given academic specialty.  The color represents the level of degree awarded, either masters or doctorate.

The image above is static, whereas the visualization below offers a more dynamic way to see the fields and the numbers of degrees awarded in them.  Scroll over the circles to see what degrees they represent and how many were earned in 2012.

A feature of Gradschoolmatch is that we’re built in a way that truly recognizes all of this academic diversity. A benefit is we make it easy for students and programs with common interests, in all of these areas of study, to connect.

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