One of my many obsessions are tropical storms. They’ve always fascinated me as such dramatic examples of nature’s power. The closest I’ve come to their power was Opal, which swept up to Atlanta from the gulf coast in record time. It still packed a lot of punch and we lost some trees in the yard.

But that’s nothing at all compared to what’s happening now.

My thoughts this Saturday morning are with all the gradschoolmatchers down in Texas and Louisiana-our folks at Baylor, Houston Baptist, UT-San Antonio Health Sciences, Tulane, UL-Lafayette and LSU. Not to mention those up in Dallas and over in Austin. Then, of course, all of our student users who are living down there. We wish you all well.

I doubt most people realize what’s at stake for many people in these great institutions. For example, a lot of researchers –from PI’s to grad students– are at very high risk of losing years of painstaking work from the damage this storm looks like it will cause. This one is going to be costly.

The next few weeks are going to be very tough. Stay safe.