If your program is marketing on campuses, you’re missing most of the people who are thinking about graduate school.  Since two-thirds of Gradschoolmatch’s users graduated prior to 2014, it is a better resource than you might imagine. They’re thinking about coming back to school….and you can find and influence them on [Gradschoolmatch](https://www.gradschoolmatch.com/).
## Check out our graduate school timeline infographic to better understand how, when, and why students are going to graduate school.
[![Grad School (2)](https://res.cloudinary.com/gsmv3/image/upload/h_1024,w_410/v1527624203/Grad-School-2_pzozfz.png)](http://www.gradschoolmatch.org/content/images/2015/06/Grad-School-2.png)

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