We’re making some final adjustments before switching out our current platform to an upgraded version.

Gradschoolmatch will emerge dramatically improved in both form and in function.

Once our lead developer, Jared, throws the switch, we’ll be offline for several hours to migrate what we call Version 3 over to a publicly available format. We expect to go offline by the evening in Atlanta today and to be offline until the morning tomorrow.

This is an incredibly exciting time for me as Gradschoolmatch founder.

What’s most important is that the new website is a quantum leap towards realizing our core mission. We believe that proactive and guidance-focused recruitment strengthens graduate programs while helping students make their right decisions.

Our changes will enhance the engagement between programs and their prospects that has always set us apart, primarily through really nice technical and design upgrades our current members are sure to like.

We’ve studied the problems students face in making their decisions. The result is a suite of one-of-a-kind utilities (Timeline, Workpage, Decision Matrix, Exam Predictor, 360 Evaluation, Essay/Interview Prep, PadMapper integration and more) so they can make the right choices while managing their application process.

Choosing a graduate program is a life-changing event. Both the students and the programs win when the best possible decisions are made. Gradschoolmatch exists to make that happen. That’s all we do. That’s all we’ll ever set out to do.