We’re proud to be an internet startup company based in Decatur, GA. Decatur is one of Atlanta’s cool, “inside the perimeter” neighborhoods where a lot of people wish to live.

Here’s a map. As you’d imagine, lunch and dinner time can be awesome in Decatur.

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Here is what Creative Loafing has to say about Decatur.

Decatur has awesome festivals: like, the largest independent book festival in the country, and the Decatur Beer Festival. We are no where near an ocean, but that doesn’t stop us from holding the Decatur Beach Party every year. The free Saturday evening Concerts on the Square in the spring and fall are a great way to relax, picnic and catch up with friends and neighbors.

Here’s what one of our press releases says about and Decatur:

The internet startup has been developing quietly at what it refers to tongue-in-cheek as its “Sprawling World Headquarters” within the Fairview Building on West Ponce de Leon Ave in Decatur. Dr. Murphy explains, “Our roots are in Decatur. I’ve raised a family here. Decatur is the hometown for one of the top women’s liberal arts colleges in the world, a renowned seminary school, and smack next door to three major research universities, with even more great colleges and universities nearby. You can’t walk down a Decatur street and not bump into somebody who studies or works at one of these institutions. Decatur is probably one of the largest college towns in the world.” Decatur plays a prominent role in the technology firm’s growth plans. “The location, transit, schools, community and the festival and restaurant scenes will factor highly in our future employee recruitment strategies. Live, learn, work, play communities like Decatur make for a great quality of life and are a solid foundation to build upon,” says Mr. Clark.